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  • The Snowplow Parent

    What is a snowplow parent? This is a parent who snowplows all obstacles out of their child's life so they won't face adversity, rejection nor any roadblocks. The parent wants the child to go around these inevitable life forces rather than go through them. Of course we want to protect our children but when we snowplow ahead of them, we rob them of developing healthy life skills and coping strategies. When a child has this type of upbringing, they lack resiliency that is necessary in being able to bounce back from a relationship ending, a job loss or not being admitted to the college they applied for. 

    Instead, when your child learns that they didn't get the teacher they wanted, let them stay in that class, give it a chance. For example, when my young child was assigned to a strict, old-school elementary teacher, it wasn't what I desired for my child. She was sensitive and timid. Looking back, my daughter learned how to "pray continually" for herself and the teacher. She accepted that not every teacher was warm and fuzzy- which is true, and it was going to be alright. I have a photo of my child and teacher posing for a funny Halloween photo together- and that is how she remembers this teacher.

    When your child's goldfish dies, don't run to PetSmart and replace it with a new one before they get home from school. Allow them to grieve, because they certainly will need to know how to grieve in life. We often don't want to deal with our child's sadness because it makes us sad. Again, don't go around obstacles, rather help them through it. Your child will be better prepared for life if they do.